Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library

2013 Annual Report


A Message from Our CEO, Marcia Au

Look how far we've come in the last 100 years! From two 5,000 square foot Carnegie buildings to eight locations including the 145,000 square foot Central Library, EVPL has evolved with the ever-changing landscape. We've traded LPs for downloads, 8mm reels for DVDs and pages for pixels on tablets and eReaders.


A Year of Celebration

EVPL kicked off its 100th year of service with a community-wide birthday party! Hundreds of people joined us as we celebrated with music, a cupcake contest, a pictoral history, photo booth and "past meets present" activities.


Summer Reading: Dig Into Reading!

Summer Reading participants literally "dug" our theme by participating in a mock archaeological dig in conjunction with Angel Mounds. It was part of the hundreds of activities provided for the over 10,000 kids, teens and adults that took part in the popular Summer Reading Program.


Learn 100 Things @ Your Library

What do sushi rolling, homebrewing, garden care, dog training, and fitted-sheet folding have in common? They were all "rolled-in" to our one-day learning event! Over 2,100 people flocked to Central Library to as many of the 100 Things that they could "fit" in. Who says the library is boring?


Featured Events

Although the EVPL hosted over 3,000 programs in 2013, we picked a few that really get to the heart of our vision and mission... enriching our community, inspiring individuals and providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

Community Impact

Market Value of Services


Value of Service Per Capita

$366.83 per year

Return on Investment


By the Numbers

The usage of libraries around the country is transforming. As circulation of physical materials remain flat, electronic checkouts are on the rise. In addition, with the prevalence of mobile devices, libraries are starting to see their computer usage move from public computers to wireless access.


Revenue Sources


Our Commitment