Facebook newsfeed edition of Hamlet

by googler@evpl on Wednesday, July 30 2008, 2:24pm. Viewed 1,023 times.

I love stuff like this, although it may well not be appropriate for the books (or any other) blog: if Hamlet were a Facebook news feed. Example:

Horatio thinks he saw a ghost.

Hamlet thinks it's annoying when your uncle marries your mother right after your dad dies.

The king thinks Hamlet's annoying.

Laertes thinks Ophelia can do better.

Hamlet's father is now a zombie.

- - - -

The king poked the queen.

The queen poked the king back.

(And so on -- much more at the link.)

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kiya@evpl wrote
on Thursday, July 31 2008, 5:12pm

Our family listened to a YA book called Something Rotten: a Horatio Wilkes mystery. The author, Alan Gratz, is a fan of both Shakespeare and Raymond Chandler, and blends their styles and plots to come up with this story. Kind of fun. and I'll look this up on Facebook - John will like it.