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I love an epic tale as much as the next person. Stories that span generations and tell tales of grand adventures are stories in which I can get lost for hours. Usually meaning that I will be tired the next day because I couldn't be bothered to put the book down to go to sleep. But, there is one thing that I find nearly unbearable. When I discover, about two-thirds of the way through a book, that there is no way, without ruining the story, that the author can finish a tale in one volume I start to panic. That means a sequel! That means I have to wait! I don't wait well when there are stories on the line! What will happen to those wonderful characters that I have come to love? How will their problems be solved? Where will they go next? More importantly, how will I survive without knowing? Some authors, and publishing houses, are, I think, sensitive to this and release books on a fairly regular basis. But some, and I loathe to name names but, Diana Gabeldon when is your next Outlander book coming out? It's been years and I can't stand not knowing what is happening in Jamie and Clare's lives. What of Brianna and her family? AHH!!!

I'm just saying...

Here are a few of my favorite hate to wait series:


Outlander Book Jacket Cover   Through  A Breath of Snow and Ashes Book Jacket Cover                                       Privledged Information Book Jacket Cover    Through    Dead Time Book Jacket Cover  


One for the Money Book Jacket   Through  Fearless Fourteen Book Jacket Cover                                       The Relic Book Jacket Cover   Through   Wheel of Darkness Book Jacket Cover


                                     Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Book Jacket Cover   Through  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Jacket Cover Now Concluded?



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