"The Lace Reader" author hits it rich!

by MediaPhile@evpl on Thursday, August 28 2008, 4:43pm. Viewed 897 times.

The Lace ReaderI recently heard Brunonia Barry talk about her very successful first novel, "The Lace Reader," a Mary Higgins Clark sort of adventure/love Barrynovel set in contemporary Salem, Massachusetts.  

Barry, a former scriptwriter with theatre experience who now lives in Salem, quit her job to write a novel -- with her husband's permission, of course.  After seven years of research and rewrites, she offered the manuscript  to a reading group at a local bookstore.  She and her husband then self-published "The Lace Reader" through Flap Jacket Press.  

On a whim, she sent a copy off to a friend in Hollywood to promote to the studios.  The manuscript landed in the right hands and next thing she knew there was a huge bidding war between publishers.  "The Lace Reader" has just been re-released by William Morrow this summer with a major promotion and a $2,000,000 book deal for Barry.

So the moral of the story is this:  never give up, success is around the corner.  Even for 50 something women wannabee writers.

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Bufkinite@evpl wrote
on Saturday, August 30 2008, 12:10pm

Or 50 something wannabee writers too, regardless of gender.  I think they're called "late bloomers."

peppermint@evpl wrote
on Tuesday, September 2 2008, 5:46pm

I really enjoyed the book but,was disappointed at the ending.

on Friday, September 5 2008, 12:13pm

I haven't had a chance to read this book yet, but I've heard good things from all over. A friend who knows I love Sarah Addison Allen's books said she thought I would probably enjoy it.