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Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs
"Becoming a werewolf brought nothing but problems to Anna every since she'd survived the vicious attack that turned her.  Now, she couldn't decide if meeting Charles, a strong and charismatic werewolf who insists she is his mate, was a step up in her life or just another problem.  Charles, on the other hand, is sure that Anna is not only the best thing that's happened to him, but also a gift to his pack. He's the first to realize that she's an Omega wolf, with the ability to calm and encourage others around her.  As second-in-command and enforcer of his father's pack, he's a wolf that can use a lot of calming (and loving).
Anna's introduction to the pack and her growing bond with Charles kept me riveted to the story.  Patricia Briggs has the gift of making the werewolf lifestyle and paranormal romances totally believable with advantages and disadvantages appearing naturally.  I literally could not stop reading as reports of a rogue werewolf lure Charles and Anna out into the wilds of Montana and into a physical and magical fight for their lives and the future of their pack. I've really enjoyed everything I've read by Patricia Briggs in the past.  Her paranormal romances have a lot of adventure and characters that I can care about.

p.s.  While this title can be read by itself as a stand-alone adventure romance, to find out how Anna and Charles first met, read the story "Alpha and Omega" in the collection On The Prowl.  All 4 stories in this collection are good reading but very different.  ( seeker@evpl)"


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