"This I Believe" edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman

by GoldensRule@evpl on Friday, September 5 2008, 3:38pm. Viewed 766 times.

This I Believe is this years One Book One Community pick for Southwestern Indiana.  Originally started in the 1950's by Edward R. Murrow, it was reinvented in 2005 by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman.  A collection of thought-provoking essays from the famous and not-so-famous, the essays have aired on public radio.  Some of the essays will resonate with you, some will make you scratch your head, while many will move you to tears.

All of the EVPL locations will be hosting book discussion groups.  In addition, the public has been invited to submit their own essays.  Again check out the web where over 30 local essays have been posted.  Locally submitted essays may be selected to air on 88.3, to run in the Courier, or to be read aloud on Monday, November 24 at UE Shanklin Theater.  

You can borrow a copy of the book at any EVPL location, and write your own 500 or less word essay on This I Believe.

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