"Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer

by myzticrhythmz@evpl on Saturday, September 6 2008, 2:09pm. Viewed 870 times.


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Okay; I admit it. I have never liked vampires. From a very young age, I have been really very scared of them.


So when the Twilight books came out, I was reluctant to take them on. Sure, Harry Potter had his Dementors, but you could be pretty sure Harry would come out okay. With vampires, though, you never know.


But folks kept requesting the books, and other adults were telling me how good they were. So, as if drawn by the proverbial apple on the cover, I bit.


This is a well-written book for teens that has some appeal for adults as well. Bella is the quintessential misfit, the new girl at school. When she sees Edward, she is instantly enthralled by him, as are most of the other girls. That Edward and his family have a somewhat "unconventional" lifestyle doesn't seem to bother Bella. How the vampires cope in the human world, as well as with other supernatural beings, kept me reading on, and also sets the stage for other books in the Twilight series.


I'm glad, ultimately, that I read Twilight. The author has a very lyrical style, and seems to deal with the supernatural in ways that people can relate to - it's not gory or sensational. And, setting aside my cynical-adult hat for a moment, I have to say that the misfit teen/grand, eternal passion theme had a familiar, wistful resonance for me, as well.

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on Sunday, September 7 2008, 4:37pm

I haven't read the YA series, but I did read her first adult novel, "Host."  It isn't a vampire novel -- it's about an invasion of the world by an alien species that takes over people's bodies -- and we're not supposed to care because the end result is no more war and conflict, just a bunch of happy, brainwashed people.  The heroine was on the run the entire time (and alot of it takes place in caves underground where the resistence is hiding), so even though it wasn't spooky, I ended up having nightmares three nights in a row.  You just gotta read it!!!!!

kiya@evpl wrote
on Thursday, September 18 2008, 7:48am

I just finished Eclipse, the third in the series - and stayed up way too late to do it. I'm not sure what it is about these books, but I'm glad my daughter talked me into reading them. Now if only Breaking Dawn would come in...