Discovering the Mexican

by Shh_ImReading@evpl on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 5:52pm. Viewed 987 times.


Barely a day has gone by since I began working for the library that I haven't found at least one book that looks interesting. Sometimes I just pass by them, other times I write down the title and author for later. Other times, I go ahead and check the book out; never mind the stack of books already waiting to be read. Ask a Mexican by Gustavo Arellano was one of those books I noticed one day and checked out on a whim. I thought it might be amusing, and it was! It was also surprisingly informative while amusing me. Gustavo Arellano writes for OC Weekly and in 2004 he and his editor decided to run a column, just as a joke, called Ask a Mexican. The idea was for readers to send their questions about Mexicans in for Arellano, the Mexican, to answer. What started as a joke became, as the book's introduction is titled, "Cultural Understanding Via Wetback Jokes". Ask a Mexican, the book, is a collection of previously published questions & answers as well as a few new-to-the-book items like a few short essays. I loved all of it when I read it last year, and that is why I'm very excited that Arellano has a new book coming out next week called Orange County: A Personal History. I know almost nothing about Orange County and ordinarily I wouldn't be excited to read about it. However, I very much enjoyed his writing in Ask a Mexican and I believe if he has brought the same sense of humor and passion to Orange County, it will be worth my time to read it!



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Awhile back I posted about first discovering the Mexican, Gustavo Arellano. I recently finished reading