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by GoldensRule@evpl on Friday, September 26 2008, 9:16am. Viewed 791 times.

Wow I have just discovered a site that reviews books in a very edgey hip kind of way.  The site which looks like an established online magazine rather than a blog features a steady stream of 300-500 word reviews of books. Editor-in-chief Stephen Blackwell , who also runs the indie rock mag Death and Taxes oversees the content which in addition to reviews includes columns that tie literature to fashion, music and film.  The demographic catered to is the informed, media-savvy, slightly entertainment-obessed urban consumer.  Reviews are done by artist picks, indie musicians review what they are reading, well know independent book stores ie City Lights in San Francisco , Powells Books in Portland , and reviewers.  if youi are one of the Hiperati looking for something a bit edgy and out of the main stream (best seller lists are not found here ) try

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