"bliss to you: [Trixie's Guide To A Happy Life]" by Dean Koontz

by GoldensRule@evpl on Monday, October 6 2008, 3:40pm. Viewed 567 times.

Here it is the perfect Chrismas present for your mom, daughter in Law, best friend, son  just about anyone.  bliss to you Trixie's Guide To a happy Life by Dean Koontz. This very small book tells you from the dog's point of view how to achieve bliss in your life.  Trixie has 8 steps to bliss, what it is and how to find it. "Humans all want bliss but end up instead in jail or traffic court or rehab or broke in las Vegas or lost at sea or gutting halibut in stinking hold of Alaskan fishing trawler and wondering how did I get here?"  Along the way she  tosses in positive comments on dogs and their value to humans IE "Of all animals, only dogs die to save human life.  Never saw cow jump into lake to tow drowning boy to shore.  Never saw hamster chase off armned burglar.  Only dog."   Packed with dog wisdom both poignant and funny this small bookgives you much to chew on...  maybe not as tasty as a hamburger to Trixies way of thinking but there is much here to share.  Oh by the way, the library has three copies.  They were all checked out when I looked but you can place a hold and if you like it enough you just might want to own it.   Gotta go   need to order my copies for Christmas!


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