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by Meditatinglibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, October 8 2008, 9:58am. Viewed 1,263 times.

Remember to visit the OverDrive Digital Bookmobile at St. Joseph and the Lloyd when you go to the Fall Festival Friday, October 10th!  The Library has added a tremendous amount of new downloadable content with the addition of video, music, and MP3 audiobooks.

New titles are added every week or two.  In the ebook and audiobook formats, these are often current bestseller titles.  eBooks come in PDF format or Mobipocket (MOBI) format; downloadable audiobooks come in MP3 (but very few new bestsellers are available in this format) or Windows Media Audio (WMA) format.  This week we added: 

            TITLE                                     AUTHOR                               FORMAT(S)

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity            Bill O'Reilly                            PDF, MOBI

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity            Bill O'Reilly                            WMA

Darkfever and Faefever                      Karen Moning                         WMA

The Given Day                                    Dennis Lehane                        PDF, MOBI

Hot Mahogany                                    Stuart Woods                          WMA

Mother Warriors                                  Jenny McCarthy                      WMA

One Fifth Avenue                                Candace Bushnell                   PDF, MOBI

One Fifth Avenue                                Candace Bushnell                   WMA

Pieces of My Heart                               Robert Wagner                        WMA

Sunset                                                Karen Kingsbury                     WMA

Three Cups of Tea                                Greg Mortenson                      WMA

Tsar                                                    Ted Bell                                  WMA

When the Soul Mends                            Cindy Woodsmall                   PDF, MOBI

We only purchased one copy of each of these, but we'll be watching the holds and purchasing additional copies as needed.  So don't hesitate to place a hold if the title you want is not currently available!

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