When Will There Be Good News?

by Guatemama@evpl on Friday, October 24 2008, 10:58am. Viewed 914 times.

One might think upon first glance that this question/this post is about the current state of the nation's economy or politics, yet the question posed, When Will There Be Good News?, is actually the title of the latest book by Kate Atkinson which has nothing whatsoever to do with the United States, economics, or politics.  When will there be good news

     When Will There Be Good News is a novel of suspense and intrigue in which the lives of four seemingly unrelated characters, Dr. Joanna Hunter, Reggie Chase, Detective Chief Inspector Louise Monroe, and former P.I. Jackson Brodie, suddenly collide.  Each of these individuals has seen their share of "bad news" throughout the course of their lives, yet things take a turn for the worse when in a matter of hours fate steps in -- by way of a tragic accident -- and the lives of these characters spiral out of control - together! And it will take the combined effort of all of them in order to sort the whole mess out.

Set in Edinburgh, Scotland the time and place and nuances of the people lend charm to this mystery/romance/familial relationship drama. And the well crafted tale by Atkinson leaves the reader wanting more, right up to the very end (and then some!)

When will there be good news?  Definitely not in this book, but what you will get is a good read that just might offer you respite from the "bad news" of your own life!




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