"The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie

by GoldensRule@evpl on Tuesday, October 28 2008, 1:25pm. Viewed 1,702 times.

The Absolutley True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie .  With so much buzz about this book, I was really excited to find that Alexie was to be one of the speakers at this year's Southern Book Festival in Nashville TN.  (If you have not been there it is held the second week in October and is free.  Several hundred authors speak over the week end)  I got to the auditorium early to get a front row seat.  I was not disappointed. He was so good I stood in line for upwards of an hour to get him to sign my book and to see if I could persuade him to come to Evansville.  The book is fiction but is based on his life on the reservation.  Alexie was a bright kid who figured out early on that if were ever to make it he had to go to a white school.  He opted to go to a school in a town 22 miles away where the only other Indian was the school mascot. He often had to walk since gas money for the family car seemed to wind up being spent at a bar by a father who loved him but loved liquor more.  The people in his tribe consiidered him a traitor. The white kids considered him a looser.  Yet through it all he kept a sense of self deprecating humour telling his story with absurd annecdotes that make you want to laugh and cry. While this book is a young adult title, he has written many adult books, some of which have been made into movies.  and guess what ...he said he would be willing to come to Evansville.  Stay tuned.  You can find his books and movies at www.evpl.org.

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on Tuesday, October 28 2008, 3:41pm

He was funnier than most stand up comedians I have heard. Not afraid to poke fun at anyone including himself. I will keep my fingers crossed that he comes to Evansville.

Bufkinite@evpl wrote
on Thursday, October 30 2008, 5:01pm

I saw Sherman Alexie interviewed on Stephen Colbert the other night, and he was one of the few I've seen on that show that left Colbert speechless and without a comeback.  He was absolutely hysterical!  I'm going to put a hold on this one.

on Saturday, November 1 2008, 2:09pm

The Colbert Report clip can be viewed online at www.colbertnation.com/.../sherman-alexie.  Pretty hilarious!

Will have to check this book out.

on Tuesday, December 16 2008, 3:59pm

Another post to this blog mentioned Sherman Alexie's book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time