"Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton is dead at age 66

by MediaPhile@evpl on Wednesday, November 5 2008, 4:08pm. Viewed 1,102 times.

crichtonBestselling author, scriptwriter and director Michael Crichton is dead at age 66 after a "private battle with cancer."

Crichton used his scientific background, which included Harvard Medical School, to create believable thrillers where technology grows beyond man's ability to control it.  His first big hit was the 1969 book and 1971 movie "Andromeda Strain," where an alien virus brought back from space threatens man's existence.  (A new version of this was just released on DVD).

Other scenarios faced by his characters included dinosaurs cloned from DNA ("Jurassic Park"), super-intelligent gorillas ("Congo"), sexual harrassment ("Disclosure"), genetic mutation ("Next"), intelligent predatory molecules ("Prey"), an alien spaceship on the ocean floor ("Sphere"), Japanese techno-dominance ("Rising Sun"), (fear of environmental calamity ("State of Fear"), time travel to 14th Century France ("Timeline"), and a super tornado ("Twister").  Most of his books have been made into blockbuster movies. He was also the creator and driving spirit behind the very successful medical series ER.

Anyone who reads or watches movies will miss this incredibly talented man who combined contemporary science with fiction, always asking what if....... 

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on Thursday, November 6 2008, 3:19pm

This makes me sad...his novels are great stories and have always been a 'guilty pleasure' of mine.  He will be missed!

on Friday, November 7 2008, 4:30pm

I agree.  I think that I have read them all -- except "State of Fear," which I boycotted due to its underlying premise that the environmental crisis is a big myth. Oh, well, can't get 'em all right.

Two of my current "sci-fi sans aliens" faves are Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  They write as a team and also separately.  Works that come to mind include "Blasphemy" (super-colliders), "Codex" (an ancient document may hold a cure for cancer), "The Ice Limit" (world's largest meteorite}, "Mount Dragon" (biotechnology), "Deep Storm" (deep sea oil drilling and Atlantis), and "Utopia" (a runaway high tech theme park).

on Tuesday, November 25 2008, 5:08pm

Admirers of Michael Crichton are obviously saddened by his comparatively early death, but what a shame his reputation is likely to be sullied by his debunking of climate change  -- in the opinion of a majority of the world's scientists, the most serious crisis the planet is facing.