"Called Out of Darkness: a Spiritual Confession" by Anne Rice

by MediaPhile@evpl on Wednesday, November 12 2008, 12:34pm. Viewed 1,474 times.

Called out of Darkness


I have long been a fan of Anne Rice's legendary vampire and witch series so was intrigued enough to pick up this short autobiography.  Rice describes the reasons behind her return to Christianity after 38 years as an athiest.

She details her parochial school upbringing in New Orleans and her strong attachment to Catholicism that got derailed during college and subsequent years living in the San Francisco area. 

Her discovery 10 years ago that she had Type 1 diabetes, followed by the death from cancer of her beloved husband Stan 4 years later led her to resolve that she would only write works praising God.

Thus she began her "Christ the Lord" series of biographical novels.  First came "Out of Egypt", in 2006, followed by "The Road to Cana" this year.

Visit Rice's website for more information on all her works -- as well as further explanation of her changed world view.  Wikipedia also has an informative article.

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on Wednesday, November 12 2008, 2:54pm

This was an interesting book. I'd never read the vampire books, so the personal and background information were a bonus.

LorriKennedy wrote
on Friday, November 28 2008, 10:13pm

I so didn't know all this.  I think I would like to read her son's first three books, so I will be hitting up the library after this semester of college is over.  Wonder how many books I can still devour in a week, lol.

on Tuesday, December 9 2008, 1:00pm

I'm confused.  What do you mean by her son's first three books?

shawnlyn72 wrote
on Sunday, May 24 2009, 8:23pm

I love all of Anne Rice's "pre-conversion" writing.  I was concerned about her change of subject, but I tried out of egypt anyway.  I figured what the heck, it couldn't be that bad.  I was wrong, and i was sad.  She was my favorite author - but I couldn't even get through 20 pages.  I was raised in church every Sunday, and i felt more wrong reading this than anything Anne had written before (and I read the Beauty books - I was a hard core fan).  Anyway - I'm very happy for Ms. Rice that she seems to have found a spiritual peace, but I am sad for the rest of us that we have lost the true art of a great artist.