"The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters" by Lorraine Lopez

by HRevvdon@evpl on Friday, December 12 2008, 10:45am. Viewed 1,182 times.

I just finished reading "The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters" by Lorraine Lopez.  The Gabaldon family consists of four sisters, a brother, and a widowed father.  The sisters and brother are all named after movie stars - Bette Davis Gabaldon; Sopia Loren Gabaldon; Cary Grant Gabaldon; etc.  The story follows the the four sisters primarily, a different sister is speaking in each chapter in a particular time period.  The sisters are exploring throuh their life experiences the mysterious "gifts" that an old woman has given them upon her death.  Interspersed are "reports" that somewhat detail the old woman's life.  It is interesting and a quick read.  I found I was more interested in the old woman's life and I wish there had been more about her.

I read the reader's guide in the back of the book, apparently I should have gotten more out of the book than I did!  One thing I did get out of it was the use of interesting love/hate relationships of siblings to help tell the story.

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