A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living: A Novel by Michael Dahle

by HRevvdon@evpl on Sunday, December 21 2008, 1:32pm. Viewed 935 times.

I read about this novel on the Barnes & Noble website as one of THE books to read this year.  It was described as darkly humerous. 

It is somewhat humerous - I would not call it dark humor.  More like blue blood slapstick.  The main character is a "bumbling blueblood" that has just divorced and lost the family business through his ineptitude.  The book is one whine after another with situations that should have been funny should the main character have been better developed.  Arthur should be an affable character that you would begin to like despite his odd choices and getting himself into predictiments that the you can easily see are going to be disasterous.  I had a vision of an American Berty Wooster of the Jeeves series.  But, Arthur is just a shallow character study that is predictable and pathetic.  In fact none of the characters are very well developed.

The book title and the book jacket are misleading at the very least.


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