Strong at the Broken Places

by wag.mado@evpl on Tuesday, December 23 2008, 4:55pm. Viewed 1,253 times.

book coverThis book's preface begins, "These are the faces of illness in America. Do not look away.......Quite simply, they are us." If you have ever known someone with a chronic or terminal illness, you probably already know that each person approaches their difficulties in a way that is all their own.  Strong at the Broken Places by Richard M. Cohen is a book that demonstrates this.  He features 5 people who have been given life changing diagnoses. Cohen interviews them over several years, asking them questions and observing them in their everyday life. The interviews speak of fear, loneliness, and anger - but also show the personal strengths that allow these people to thrive, revealing the common ground they all stand upon.  Although it may sound depressing, I found this book full of life. To me the stories are all about living in the truth, with as much hope as one can muster.  And after all, isn't that what we are all trying to do?

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on Friday, December 26 2008, 3:37pm

Oh, I am going to have to read this. I found Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

inspirational for what I think are going to be simillar reasons. Learning how to live by learning how to die.