"Revolutionary Road" by Richard Yates

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revolutionary road

I just finished this 1961 novel by Richard Yates.  The paperback edition's cover, published to coincide with the release of the new movie, caught my attention. 

Directed by Sam Mendes of "American Beauty" fame, "Revolutionary Road" stars his wife, Kate Winslet, and Leo DiCaprio.  It is in the running for all the top Golden Globe Awards in drama, including Best Motion Picture, Best Performance by an Actress, Best Performance by an Actor, and Best Director.

The setting is a Connecticut suburb in the late 1950's.  Frank Wheeler (DiCaprio) and his wife April (Winslet) have settled into tame middle class existence (due to an unexpected early pregnancy), but feel like they are play-acting.  Frank delights in skewering all the people who live in their suburb, as well as those he works with in Manhattan.  April seems resigned to her fate but has hidden depths.  Will the Wheelers' make a "revolutionary" move to Europe or continue their humdrum existence? "There's the rub," as Hamlet would say.

Just put into limited release, the movie has yet to make it to Evansville.  As always, I am looking forward to seeing how closely my understanding of the novel coincides with the movie version.

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