Possible Side Effects - Augusten Burroughs (2006)

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Possible Side Effects is a collection of short memoirs by Augusten Burroughs, as his previous books are.  Augusten Burroughs has had one of the most interesting and bizarre childhood and young adulthood ever.  His family puts the dysfunctional in "dysfunctional family."

His life, and writing skills, makes for hilarious reading.  I have read two of his other books.  Running With Scissors (2002) is about his childhood in which he describes among other things how his mother gives him to her psychologist to raise in his own very bizarre household.  Magical Thinking (2004) continues the memoirs into his early adulthood with stories of his drug use, alcoholism, and career in advertising; a successful career despite his lack of formal education beyond elementary school.

Possible Side Effects has no chronological order, jumping from a "current" story about him and his partner at a Bed & Breakfast infested with creepy dolls to stories about his southern grandparents to childhood chronicles of his mother, father, and brother (a genius and author himself).  Don't try to make any sense out of his method of reasoning and thinking - you can't.  Just sit back and enjoy the read - let go of the dark underpinnings of the stories that obviously have made him the neurotic man he has become.  If you can do that you will laugh out loud at how different he sees the world!


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