The Shack

by bookchick@evpl on Saturday, January 3 2009, 3:19pm. Viewed 851 times.

book jacket The Shack

The Shack by William P. Young has literally left me speechless. I have no idea how to describe this novel in a few short sentances.  And yet, here are some of my attempts.

It is a story of:

...redemption. to be truly loved. life is in relationships.

...forgiveness. we reconcile a God of goodness with the evil that exists in the world.

...comfort and rest.

Although I read the book as a novel, front to back, I think I will re-read and chew these words slowly. It may be that as my life experiences change the book will mean something completely new to me. What it means to you may be different than what it means to me. What richness! What depth!

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