The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

by HRevvdon@evpl on Saturday, January 17 2009, 4:25pm. Viewed 938 times.

The Gargoyle (2008) tells several tales in a cynical first person form.  It is captivating from the start. 

I almost passed on the book when I first was told the story - a shallow incredibly handsome man is in a car accident caused by his own self-indulgence.  He is nearly burned to death and during a torturous rehabilitation he meets a beautiful woman patient from the mental health ward that begins to tell him stories of what she believes are their past lives together as lovers, beginning with the assertion that "this is not the first time you have been burned."  He begins to change, no longer planning suicide but now falling in love with her.  He begins to care about the others around him as he never has before.  It sounded like Stephen King meets Barbara Cartland.  But decided to start the book, and that was a good choice.

I was captivated by the writing, the "stories", and the linking present day story line told as if a biography.  The passages about the burn recovery are fascinating and terrifying.  Explanations of the ruined remains of his body, the procedures, and the surgery are intense.  The description of the pain slithering back as the morphine relief fades as an evil female snake living in his spine will make you shudder.  The stories of the loves and lives and deaths of the two main characters through several eras are romantic, interesting, and forlorn.  The lesser characters are well drawn and developed.

This is a long and intense read but I highly recommend it, and will be reading this author again.


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on Sunday, January 18 2009, 10:06am

This was one of my favorite novels of is very very different but so intriguing!

on Wednesday, January 21 2009, 6:44am

I have been telling all my friends to read it!