Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

by HRevvdon@evpl on Saturday, February 7 2009, 7:05am. Viewed 773 times.

Comfort Food (2008) by Kate Jacobs is a light book set in the world of a cable cooking channel.  I listened to the audio version while on a road trip.  That's a good format for this novel.  There's not much to think about with this book, it is just good entertainment.  Funny and ecclectic characters are jumbled together in predictable but funny situations.  The main character is Gus - a middle aged widow with two grown daughters with their own problems as celebrity kids.  Gus is thrown into a new cooking show format with Carmen, an ambitious Spanish ex-beauty queen who's main ambition is to be in the spotlight and own her own restaurant.  The cooking assistant is a financial whiz millionaire who has given up his career, but not his money, to pursue his love of food and cooking.  My favorite quirky sidekick minor character is Gus' next door neighbor - an ex-tennis star who has become reclusive since she was ostracized for throwing matches at her father's behest.  All ends well, as you would expect.

This is a quick read and very entertaining, especially if you like watching the shows on the Food Channel.

Jacob's other books, Friday Night Knitting Club and its sequel Knit Two, have been very popular.  I have not read them but if they are the same as Comfort Food, I am sure they are worth a listen.

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