Cedar Green by Rose Boucheron

by HRevvdon@evpl on Thursday, February 19 2009, 7:31am. Viewed 832 times.

Cedar Green (2008) by Rose Boucheron is my first read by this author.  A few years ago I was transferred by my employer to a nasty little town that I disliked very much, as an escape I started reading the Mitford books by Jan Karon and then the Miss Read books.  I wanted to live in the little villages and know the quirky residents that are the mainstays of those books.  They are all light fast reads with humor.  I stopped reading the Mitford books when they got a little too preachy and repetitive - but I still like the characters.  I have collected and read all the Miss Read books, and still like the characters.  These books are not what I normally read, more likely what my Mother or Grandmother would, but they give what is expected if you need that little bit of escapism.

So, when I was searching for something similar with funny little caricatures of village people, I found Cedar Green.  The blurbs from the publisher and on Amazon.com sounded like what I wanted.  Even the book jacket projected what I was looking for.  I am afraid I was disappointed.  The story line is disconnected and the characters are not in the least interesting, they could live next door to me and not in a quaint English village.  I finished the book, but I don't believe I will read another of Boucheron's.


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kiya@evpl wrote
on Thursday, February 19 2009, 10:03am

If you are still looking for something of that type, take a look at these titles:

• The Bachelor Brothers Bed & Breakfast by Bill Richardson

• Any of Joan Medlicott’s books, particularly the Covington series

• Plainsong   and   Eventide, both by Kent Haruf