Love the One You're With

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Love the One You're WithEver wonder what might have happened if "the one who got away" had ended up being just "the one"?  And furthermore - if you had the opportunity to change your life, to go back for "the one who got away," would you?

Love the One You're With is the most recent book by chick-lit author Emily Giffin.  Giffin, whose other chick lit volumes include Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof, focuses this time on the well-being of a fledgling marriage.  This time, it's all about "the one who got away".

Ellen is a thirty-something photographer in New York City, newly married and happy, when she runs into Leo, her once-upon a time lover, on the street.  their meeting begins a chain of events that will cause Ellen to question herself,her marriage, her family ties and her closest frienship over the course of a year.  Ironically, Ellen states at the beginning of the book that one of her favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally, Rob Reiner's landmark 1988 romantic comedy that asked the ultimate relationship question, "can men and women really be just friends?"  In a rather interesting parallel (I assume it was intentional on the part of the author - but I really am not sure if it was or not), Ellen, while exploring her feelings for Leo and pondering whether her marriage to her husband, Andy, is the perfect fit, also explores this question.  What Ellen finds out about herself, about her husband, about Leo, and about some of the other most important relationships in her life makes for an interesting, heartfelt story.

Giffin writes compellingly about Ellen's inner struggle.  I personally found the ending a little contrived, but overall, I loved the book.  If you've ever, even for a minute, wondered about "the one who got away," you will enjoy Love the One You're With.

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on Friday, July 31 2009, 2:54pm

Emily Giffin is one of the best chick lit writers out there!  I can't wait for her new book, Heart of the Matter, to come out next spring.