Bachelor Brothers by Bill Richardson

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A fellow blogger told me of Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast (1993) by Bill Richardson when I lamented about needing a light comforting book about small town/village life - the one I had read and blogged about I had been sorely disappointed in.  I checked out Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast, and its companion Bachelor Brothers's Bed and Breakfast Pillow Book (1995) from Central Library.  I was not disappointed in either.

The premise is twin bachelor brothers who have opened a Bed and Breakfast that caters to those who want a simple quiet place to read.  In the first book we learn about Virgil and Hector, some of their neighbors, and some of the guests through writings by the brothers interspersed by guest book writings by the literature buffs that stay with them.  There are also a couple of suggested reading lists such as best readings while soaking in a tub.  We learn of the boys' mother and how she conceived them and lived outside of the social norm.  There is a cat named Waffle and a parrot named Mrs. Rochester because she is a cranky as her namesake character in Bronte's Jane Eyre. The characters are quirky and I laughed out loud a few times.

Pillow Book expands on the characters we have already met, but add in even more quirk.  It is not as good as the first one.  There are random letters, recipes, and thoughts interspersed throughout the main story. 

These books are not "great" reading and the writing is not great - but it is not intended to be.  They are light, funny, and concentrate on quick portraits of characters.  They were a little more special to me as they are based on a small island in British Columbia; I have friends that live on Salt Spring Island, a small island in British Columbia, where I love to visit.  I can just imagine the Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast being a real B&B there! 

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