Alot of Fun! - About Dogs by George Booth

by HRevvdon@evpl on Saturday, May 9 2009, 6:44pm. Viewed 1,383 times.

I grabbed this book for a quick laugh and it is great fun.  About Dogs (2009) by George Booth is a collection of his cartoons all of which have at least one dog in them, at least in this compilation.  The cartoons seldom feature the dog, the dog is usually just part of the background.  The dogs, the occasional cat, and the people are drawn so that they are nearly mutants.  They are great.  The jokes, which I have to admit I didn't "get" all of, are witty and sardonic.  A few are almost serial in nature.

The introduction is by Bill Cosby.  I read the first two paragraphs but then he drones on like Cliff Huxtable on valium.  I stopped reading the introduction and went directly to the cartoons.  I wise choice in my opinion, these cartoons need no introduction.

You will find this book on the "New" shelf in non-fiction at Central, McCollough, and Oaklyn.  Take a look, a laugh, and really look at the cartoons - you may find something you didn't notice at first glance.



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jj3ll wrote
on Wednesday, July 8 2009, 5:25pm

I have a pet dog so I will have to check this book out.  :)