Indiana 24/7

by Shh_ImReading@evpl on Wednesday, June 10 2009, 1:03pm. Viewed 1,025 times.

Indiana 24/7 is a beautiful collection of photographs from all over our state. It is a modern photo essay of our day-to-day lives as Hoosiers. The variety the photographers have managed to capture is just amazing. There are many familiar sights in Indiana 24/7, but there are also many surprises. I found the familiar scenes comforting and the surprising ones enlightening. I highly recommend you spend some time with this book!

EVPL also has Illinois 24/7, Kentucy24/7, Michigan 24/7, Ohio 24/7, Tennessee 24/7, Missouri 24/7, along with America 24/7. If that's still not enough photographic excitement for you, check out Cats 24/7 and Dogs 24/7!

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Dr.Beat@evpl wrote
on Thursday, June 11 2009, 9:20am

My dad has pictures in the Indiana 24/7 and the Kentucky 24/7, as do several other Evansville Camera Club members whose meetings are held at Central Library!