Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson

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Between, Georgia (2006) by Joshilyn Jackson is my first read by this author.  To tell the truth I was expecting something along the lines of the Fannie Flagg books.  Although Jackson's novel is not at all like Flagg's, I was not disappointed in the book.  I will be reading more by this author.  Between, Georgia has some funny parts, some quirky characters, and some feuding - just what you would expect from this genre.

The feud is between the Fretts and the Crabtrees.  The Fretts are well off and pretty much run the tiny little town "surrounded by pine scrub and nearly smothered by kudzu."  The Crabtrees are the never do well, poor clan of the town.  Nonnie is born to a Crabtree with the unwilling assistance of a Frett, and Stacia Frett takes her in as her own.  Thus Nonnie is forever caught in the middle.  Stacia is blind and deaf, she depends on her twin sister, Genny, to be her bridge to the world.  While Stacia is the confident and strong one, Genny is the opposite.  When an incident happens that threatens and injures the twins, the old feud comes to a head and all hell breaks loose.  Nonnie tries to make peace while trying to straighten her own self out.

This book is full of small town southern charm and folksy sayings.  My favorite was "Don't call me again unless you are personally on fire."

Its a good read.


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