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The Finishing TouchesIf you haven't read anything by Hester Browne, then you need to go to the nearest library and check one of her books out!  Browne has written a hilarious series that begins with The Little Lady Agency.  The story begins with Melissa Romney-Jones, a Londoner who has once again been fired from her job.  In order to find more permanent employment, Melissa looks up her old etiquette teacher who serves as a companion for older men.  A few dates into the job, however, Melissa finds out her job wasn't exactly what she thought!  Determined to help those men who are quite helpless, Melissa starts her own business- The Little Lady Agency- to help men figure out their wardrobes, how to act on dates, etc.  All is going along swimmingly until Melissa meets American Jonathan Riley.  As Melissa struggles to get her company going, she also struggles to keep her attraction to Jonathan under control.  Melissa's story continues in Little Lady, Big Apple and The Little Lady Agency and the Prince.  Now that she is off the singles market, Melissa tries to figure out how to balance her business of helping bachelors while keeping a boyfriend. 

In June 2009, Browne published a new stand-alone book.  After waiting for weeks on the hold list (even librarians have to wait for the good books), I eagerly started reading The Finishing Touches this weekend.  Browne has done it again!  Not only does the book have laugh-out-loud moments, but there is also a bit of seriousness thrown in as well.  Twenty-seven years ago a baby was left outside the Phillimore Academy for Young Ladies with a note and a small bee pendant.  Betsy grows up in the shadows of the Academy walls anticipating the day she will become one of the Phillimore girls.  Imagine her shock when her adoptive parents decide she is "not that type of girl" and send her off to university.  Twelve years later Betsy returns after the death of her adoptive mother in hopes of bringing the Academy into the modern age and finding her real parents. 

 If you're looking for a new author that will make you laugh and feel a little weepy, check out any of the Hester Browne books. 

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