Finding a Favorite Author again

by kiya@evpl on Monday, August 3 2009, 5:36pm. Viewed 753 times.

book cover for A heartbeat Away

Many years ago, I discovered the wonderful novels of Barbara Rogan, and quickly read all that she had written. Each was different from the others, but all were well-written.  I loved A Heartbeat Away so much that I chose it for a book discussion title many many years ago. It is still my favorite romantic ghost story.  When I realized it was going out of print, I bought several paperback copies, and have now given away all but my last copy.  I reread it again recently, and found that I love it still.  Crow, Elias, Alice, Pilar and Dr. Graystone are unforgettable characters. There was a tiny part of me that was surprised to find them just as I had left them - they seemed real enough to have gone on with their lives after I closed the book...

After finishing A Heartbeat Away, I checked to see if Rogan had anything new since I had last looked - she is not on a book a year pace like some authors, and it is easy to lose track of her titles.  I found one I hadn't read, and saw on her website that another one is almost ready to be published, so I have new treats to anticipate. Why don't you give her books a try?

Barbara Rogan's website

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