That Old Cape Magic new book by Richard Russo

by GoldensRule@evpl on Friday, August 21 2009, 1:45pm. Viewed 908 times.

Having just listened to That Old Cape magic by Richard Russo of Empire Falls fame wanted to say it is a book that resonates ...both hilariously funny in part (the wedding rehearsal dinner ) to achingly sad in its depiction of family life. It is  told from the perspective of 54 year old college professor. former  screen writer , Jack Griffin whose academic parents lives he details from his child hood to finding the best place on the cape to scatter their ashes .  It is a study in family relationships, friendships and yearnings for something always out of reach, ...the belief that if only ......

 As a child Jack and his parents vacationed on Cape Cod every summer after being forced to endure 11 months out of each year in the "mid......west"   where his parents taught at a large public university  (think IU).  As always,  every summer they spend time looking at real estate only to label it all either "wouldn't have it for a gift"  or " too expensive" .   The reality of their own lives, fed by their belief in dreams, is never satisfactoy.  Jack carries some of their angst into his own marriage as he examines his options at midlife as once again he crosses the Sagamore Bridge onto the Cape .  Russo's characters will stay with you long after the last chapter.  

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on Saturday, August 22 2009, 9:28pm

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on Tuesday, September 8 2009, 3:51pm

Just finished this...every sentence of his is a gem...