Darling Jim by Christian Moerk

by HRevvdon@evpl on Thursday, August 27 2009, 8:58pm. Viewed 699 times.

I listened to the download of Darling Jim (2009) and think it is the best way to read this book.  What better way to be told the story of séanachai or Irish storyteller then to listen to an Irish reader?

The story begins when a postman discovers Moira Hegarty and her two nieces, Fiona and Róisín Walsh dead.  It soon becomes evident that Moira has kept the two young women captive for months, slowly poisoning them.  The guard (police) soon finds evidence that the Fiona died while killing her aunt.  Róisín has also died.  They also soon realize that a third person has been held captive in the basement, but has escaped her captor.

Niall Cleary, a Dublin postman, finds a package in the dead letter bin that turns out to be the diary of Fiona.  When Fiona realizes her aunt is slowly killing them she begins to record the sister’s story of how they came to be her captives.  “Darling Jim” Quick is an Irish storyteller who’s stories captivates people and he charms the women.  The Walsh sisters become involve and find out his murderous secrets.

This novel by Christian Moerk is a fast moving story that intertwines murder, suspense, and epic storytelling to its best.

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