The Wedding Girl

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The Wedding GirlAre you a fan of the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella?  If so, let me introduce you to Kinsella's alter ego, Madeleine Wickham.  Both personas write about English women who have found themselves in a predicament.  Whether it be money (Shopaholic series), quitting a job and winding up in the country (Undomestic Goddess), or having a marriage from ten years ago come back and haunt her (Wickham's newest novel), women in all of the novels have an obstacle to overcome.  The difference, however, is the slapstick humor that can be found in Kinsella's books.  When she writes under the alter ego of Wickham, Sophie Kinsella approaches subjects more seriously and tackles some difficult issues.

In the newest book by Wickham, The Wedding Girl, Milly Havill is just four days from marrying the man of her dreams.  It seems, however, that Milly has a secret that she has been hiding for ten years and the secret is threatened to be revealed by her wedding photographer.  When she was 18, Milly married an American student to allow him to stay in England with his partner.  Thinking no one would ever find out, Milly continues to live her life for the next ten years.  A few days before her wedding, however, the photographer shows up to take her picture, and Milly discovers it is the same young man that snapped a shot of her first wedding on the courthouse steps. 

Milly's story is just one of the storylines in The Wedding Girl.  Each character has issues that he or she is struggling to resolve.  While there are multiple storylines occurring in this novel, Wickham manages to keep the reader invested in all the characters.  It isn't her strongest, or funniest, but for fans of Kinsella or Wickham, it will be another good read.

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