Boo , Boo Who, and Boo Hiss -- don't let the titles scare you.

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We are always encouraged to read outside our comfort zone so I chose this little series of books by Rene Gutteridge The  Boo Series that are tagged as Christian Fiction. The first book is called Boo and you have to read them in order.     I've never read a Christian Fiction book but I'd run out of romantic suspense books to download to my mp3 player from Overdrive and I was going through withdrawal so I decided to take a chance.  I listened to the first book and  was pleasantly surprised to find that rather than being all "preachy"  it  was filled with humorous situations, and a colorful cast of charismatic characters complete with all their little idiosyncracies.  They reminded me a little of the townspeople of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.  The plot of the first book, Boo was cute and simple.  

Wolfe Boone (nicknamed Boo) the famous writer of horror books whobook cover lives in the small town of Skary, Indiana has decided to quit writing horror because he has found God.  This comes as a shock to its residents who have become accustomed to having his many fans come to visit, frequent the local "haunts"  and spend lots of money.  They have redesigned the  town using a horror theme.  The restaurant is now The Haunted Palace" with "bloody fingers" - french fries with ketchup.  The bookstore is now "Spooky's Bookstore". The plot twists and turns as the residents try to come up with a plan to convince him to change his mind and go back to writing the very profitable horror books.     

"Boo" is in love with Ainsley Parker, the lovely daughter of the overprotective widowed Sheriff Parker.  Ainsley is over 21 and still lives at home.  She takes care of her father, Sheriff Parker and everyone else in the town that needs looking after and everyone loves her.  She has never liked Wolfe feeling that his books are the work of a very evil mind.   Before the two can get together he must convince her that he is really a nice person but he gets tongue tied every time he sees her.  He's trying to get close to her and the townspeople are trying to keep them apart.      

Suffice it to say it is a comedy of errors and a happy romp worthy of a Frank Capra movie.  The plot twists come unexpectedly and sneak up on you.   This includes the little background story of the mysterious overpopulation of cats ---  Thief, the sheriffs's cat unbeknownst to the townspeople in Skary, is the victim of a botched neutering operation.  These are feel-good stories that give you a warm fuzzy feeling.   The theme of the 1st book Boo is cats.  The second, Boo Who, is about owls (big surprise).  The third is Boo Hiss and is about ----snakes.  Not my favorite subject but Rene Gutteridge manages to make it  both funny and fascinating.  The snake is a boa constrictor with two heads named Bob and Fred.  It is on the loose in the town wrecking havoc everywhere.   

What do you read when you go outside your comfort zone?


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Tax law.

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