Rhino Ranch

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Rhino Ranch is the last of Larry McMurtry's books about Duane Moore first introduced in the 1966 title The Last Picture Show.   We return to the little town of Thalia Texas where billionairess, KK Slater has come to open a Rhino Ranch dedicated to the preservation of the endangered black rhinoceros.  Duane is now in his late 60's and  living alone after his last wife called to announce she was not coming back from her business trip having found love elsewhere.  Double Aught is a Rhino who takes to following Duane, much like a huge dog, as he walks across Texas. and then there are his pals Boyd Cotton and Bobby Lee Baxter employed by KK to manage her Texas operation.   These, plus a number of other locals make up an interesting group of characters. 

Full of whimsey, quirky characters and rhy humour McMurty reminds me very much of Garrison Keillor.  For that matter Duane reminds me a bit of Garrison.  A quick read that while you cannot put it down, you wonder why you can't.  Maybe that is McMurtry's genius.     


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