College Admissions - what is a parent to do?

by kiya@evpl on Wednesday, September 23 2009, 5:35pm. Viewed 1,083 times.

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It's late September. This year's juniors are getting ready to take the PSATs, and seniors are squeezing in one last SAT or ACT while starting college applications and essays. What is a parent to do? How do you help, but still let the kids take the lead in this College Admission process?

You could read all the books that give more than anyone needs to know about how to apply, where to apply, what to put on the essay... and share that information with your grateful teen.


You could go online and meet other overwhelmed (and sometimes overwhelming!) parents on some of the online discussion boards. [note - be careful - some of these folks are REALLY intense]


You can make sure your kid knows about the free online test prep available through the library, and the free programs at the library offered by college counselors, university admissions and financial aid officers. And you can read some narrative non-fiction designed to let you look at the process.


Or you can read fiction about the Admissions process - and learn a little bit, in a more enjoyable way.

Whatever you choose, I wish you, and your teen, good luck.

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on Wednesday, September 22 2010, 4:39pm

I'm a college mom now - dropped our son off at campus and came home alone. The school feels like