Jane Brody - speaking at Central Library - Tuesday, October 6th, 7pm

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Most folks recognize Jane Brody as an advocate of healthful living. Her early books were all about good diets, healthy foods, and maintaining a good relationship with your doctor. But even healthy lives come to an end. Brody explains in the preface of her new book, Jane Brody's Guide to the Great Beyond, that when we are fully prepared for the end of life, we are in a much better position to fully enjoy the time we have left.

Brody, the Personal Health columnist for the New York Times, provides clear practical help on recognizing the things we can do NOW to help make things easier when the end comes, whether it is sooner or later. She looks specifically at issues like:book jacket

  • What is a "good death"? Figure out what you want.
  • Planning ahead for a funeral or memorial service.
  • Uncertain Future: when you are living with a bad prognosis
  • Coma
  • Caregiving: tending someone at the end of life
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Spiritual Care
  • When a Child is Dying - surviving the nightmare
  • What to Say: conversations at the end of life
  • Grief: it's not a disease
  • Organ and Body donations
  • Lasting Legacies: leaving memories and life lessons

Brody is resprectful of the people she writes about, but she also knows how and when to inject some humor into the discussion. While these issues are not fun to read about and sometimes hard to consider, Brody's book makes it easier. Highly recommended.

Don't miss your chance to hear Jane Brody in person, discussing these issues and her book. She will be this year's Lottes Lecturer at Central Library on Tuesday, October 6th, at 7pm in the Browning Room. The program is free, and open to the public. More information available here.

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