Halloween Thrillers are treats for your eyes and ears.

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Since it's Oct. and Halloween is just around the corner it is only fitting to dip into the library's collection of thrillers.  There's a new chapter in the Chelsea Cain trilogy of terror.  The newest one is called Evil at Heart.  in which Gretchen Lowell, female serial killer is once again on the trail of the long suffering (in more ways than one) detective Archie Sheridan.  In the first book,  Heartsick , Archie is married with 2 kids when he first crosses paths with Gretchen.  He's in charge of The Beauty Killer Task Force and has been unsuccessfully trying to catch the killer for 10 years.  Enter Gretchen Lowell, a beautiful seductive blonde who is more than willing to lend a helping hand.  But wait---maybe there's a reason she knows so much about the Beauty Killer.  Too late Archie discovers Gretchen's true colors and is held captive for 10 days as she tortures him in all manner of horrible ways including removing is spleen.  If you love blood, gore, torture,  and scattered body parts, and psycho-sexual obsession then this one is for you.  Then there's Sweetheart where she's turned herself in to the authorities but has managed to escape.  And she's after Archie again.  He's trying to kick the vicodin and she's still feeding them to him and has found new ways to tempt and torture him.  In fact she's so "over the top" with her ‘bag of tricks" that it's almost comical.  Now in Evil at Heart she's at large and on another killing spree with a seeming affinity for eyeballs.  Or is she?  She's become the object of a cult following and is perhaps tutoring a new, really confused group of young people on the internet in the ways of torture.   Gretchen has become super villain and Archie is super victim.  How he's managed to stay alive is the biggest mystery of all. 

Cover of Heartsick Cover of Sweetheart

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