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After my gory blog about the Trilogy of Terror by Chelsea Cain I began to investigate what other books she had written.  Funny I should use the term "investigate". 

This title Confessions of a Teen Sleuth: a Parody  by Chelsea Cain caught my eye and I couldn't believe it was actually about Nancy Drew.  When I was a young I was one of those girls who devoured each new Nancy Drew title as soon as it hit the shelves.  I was neither impressed or pleased with the varying modernized incarnations of Nancy and her chums.   Chelsea Cain has done an outstanding job portraying Nancy in a lighthearted satirical way with descriptions right out of the mysteries themselves. 

Confessions of a teen sleuth cover

"I had just checked my reflection in the mirror -slim and attractive, as always." As Nancy and her secret heartthrob Frank (The Hardy Boys - Hardy) sped along in her blue custom Ford Roadster she heard a piercing scream.  She wondered if she'd hit someone ----again.  The judge had let her off the first time but if she hit someone again it would certainly be manslaughter.

There are references to her "pals" Bess and George.  And Carolyn Keene is the roommate turned traitor who misrepresented her life in those awful mysteries she penned.  Vintage Nancy Drew cover The book takes Nancy from 1926 to 1992.  She has married her "special friend" Ned Nickerson but  for some mysterious reason their son, Ned Jr. looks exactly like Frank.  Hannah Gruen, the motherly housekeeper for Nancy and her father, world famous lawyer, Carson Drew, insists on being called Mrs. Gruen although to the best of her knowledge Nancy doesn't think she's ever been married.  Her mother really didn't die like Carolyn Keene said and best chum Bess really isn't pleasingly plump.  

Join Nancy on a joyride that takes her all over the country solving mysteries, and uncovering secrets.  I really laughed out loud while reading this one.

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