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Prospect Park West     Mercury in Retrograde           Twenties Girl

In the past few weeks since my last blog post, I have been on a chick-lit rampage.  I have been speed-reading through recent releases like I don't have a hundred other things to do.  Laundry piled up, kitchen didn't get cleaned, and packing for my move didn't happen.  These three books are part of the reason that I have been slacking. 

Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn takes place in Brooklyn's prosperous Park Slope neighborhood.  The lives of four women intersect as they deal with husbands, children, and playground politics.  Not earth-shattering reading, but worth a chance if you have the time.

Mercury in Retrograde by Paula Froelich has a cover strikingly similar to Prospect Park West.  Froelich's novel takes place across the bridge in Manhattan where three women who are down on their luck join forces to get their lives back in order.  The ending is pretty predictable, but it is an enjoyable read.

Going across the pond to England, Sophie Kinsella's latest book, Twenties Girl, introduces us to Sadie, a wild flapper from the 1920s and her great-niece, Lara, living in present-day London.  Sadie has passed away alone in a retirement home, but her spirit remains on Earth pushing Lara to find who stole Sadie's prized possession.  True to Kinsella form, this book is laugh out loud funny and highly recommended. 

Happy Reading! 

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