It's time for a ghost story...

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Do you remember reading ghost stories as a kid? That shivery feeling you got up and down your spine, the hair standing up on the back of your next and the feeling of being watched? Douglas Clegg brings back the traditional ghost story in a small volume entitled Isis.

Iris and her brother Henry are as close as two siblings can be. They entertain and protect each other, and call each other Isis and Osiris while their Father is off fighting a foreign war and their Mother deals, rather unsuccessfully, with his absence. There is also a twin to Henry named Spencer, who is as cruel as Henry is kind. While living in their Grandfather's bleak house Iris discovers a secret hidden among her Grandfather's books. This secret leads Iris and Henry down the path of the Occult with some unexpected and terrifying results.

You'll read it in one sitting and probably want to leave the lights on.

Book jacket Isis

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