Losing Mum and Pup: a memoir

by kiya@evpl on Tuesday, December 15 2009, 10:56am. Viewed 829 times.

book jacket for Losing Mum and PupChristopher Buckley usually writes funny, satirical novels (Supreme Courtship; Thank You for Smoking). I have read a few of his novels and enjoyed them. Still, I almost didn't pick up his newest book, Losing Mum and Pup, about the year during which both of his parents died. Writes Buckley: "They were not - with respect to every other set of loving, wonderful parents in the world - your typical mom and dad." William F Buckley (father of the modern Conservative movement) and his wife, Patricia Taylor Buckley, were both larger-than-life figures, with indomitable will and strong personality. As their only child, Christopher Buckley had an interesting and complicated relationship with his parents. This book made me laugh and cry, and reading it was a touching, enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this well-written, moving memoir.  It is also available as a downloadable e-book, audio on CD, and a downloadable audiobook. The audio versions are read by the author.

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