saving Ceecee Honeycutt

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Beth Hoffman's debut novel is the best thing I have read/listened too since The Help. 12 year old Cecelia Honeycutt's life goes from bleak to bodacious when she is picked up by her great aunt Tootie in her cherry red Packard and whisked away to Savanah. The year is 1967 and up to this point Ceecee had been living in Ohio with a mother whose hold on reality had slipped so far that she had become the village joke.  Forever locked in the year 1951, when she was crowned the Vadalia Onion Queen, she spends her days at the local Good Will buying used prom gowns.  With the demise of her mother and a father who had long since walked away from his responsibility, Great Aunt Tootie adopts her and moves her into her historic home.  Surrounded by stong southern women, aging belles and a house keeper who adores her CeeCee comes into her own.   At times you will cry but most of the time you will laugh out loud at some of the things that these women and Ceecee get up to.  Read by Jenna Lamia it is a CD that I predict will win an audie award.   Of course it is avaialble at the EVPL.  I cannot recommend it enough.      

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