Two Mysteries

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I recently read a couple of mystery novels, one a new title by an author, and in a series, that I've enjoyed for many years; the other a debut title starting Ten-Mile Trialsa series by a new author.  I enjoyed them both, and especially discovering a new author to follow.

 The Ten-Mile Trials by Elizabeth Gunn is the eighth title in her Jake Hines mystery series.  Jake Hines is a mixed-race dumpster baby grown up and now in law enforcement in fictional Rutherford, Minnesota.  Rutherford is near Rochester, if not actually based on Rochester.  In The Ten-Mile Trials Jake is coping with budget cuts, murder, theft, an Eastern European gang, drugs, and being dad to his 3-month-old son.  The ten miles that is so challenging is the drive from the babysitter to home with a crying, hungry baby.

Crossing Places The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths is set in the salt marshes of England's Norfolk coast.  Ruth Galloway is a college professor and a forensic archaeologist who is fairly anti-social and likes living in her remote cottage on the edge of the salt marsh with her two cats.  Then the local police inspector asks her to date some bones.  Those turn out to be 2,000 years old, and Ruth also finds several Iron Age artifacts in the grave.  Inspector Nelson tells her of a 10-year-old unsolved case of a young girl being kidnapped, and the letters someone has been sending him about that case ever since...and off we go.  Ruth is a wonderfully crusty personality, the mystery and archaeology blend well together, and the Saltmarsh setting is very evocative.

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