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by Shh_ImReading@evpl on Saturday, March 20 2010, 12:23pm. Viewed 1,231 times.

It's springtime! Time to leave the house and enjoy the outdoors! Two recent books you should know about if you're planning on going further than the park down the street are Botanic Gems: Indiana Public Gardens, Including Greater Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati & Louisville by Alan McPherson and The Complete Guide to Kentucky State Parks by Susan Reigler.

Botanic Gems includes more than 40 gardens in or near Indiana. Before this book, I had no idea that there are so many public gardens in Indiana! There are color photographs and maps for each location. The book includes Evansville's own Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden.

The Complete Guide to Kentucky State Parks is truly complete. The parks are covered in regional sections: north central, south central, eastern and western. The parks closest to the Evansville area are in the western section, which includes Henderson's John James Audubon State Park, a favorite of my family. Kentucky State Parks fall into three categories: resort, recreation & historic sites. Each regional section in the book begins with a great chart that breaks down the parks vertically by those three categories, and the going across, by features like park acres, lake acres, lodge & dining room, cottages, campgrounds, golf, marina, swimming, trails, tennis courts, museums, etc. Following the chart, each park in the section gets its own write-up with photographs.

These books are great resources if you're looking for some outdoor fun!

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on Tuesday, March 23 2010, 11:20am

Yesterday a thoughtful co-worker reminded me there's a good website for the Kentucky State Parks with lots of information, including informatin about discounts. http://www.parks.ky.gov/

There is also a website for the Indiana State Parks & Reservoirs. www.in.gov/.../parklake

Both websites have links to Facebook, where you can become a fan of the parks and get information there too. The Indiana State Parks also offer a Twitter feed for those of you who twitter.