Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter ---- better than it sounds

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Yes I know it sounds awful.  But------surprisingly it held my interest.  I downloaded the book Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter from Overdrive and listened to it on my mp3 player.  There was just enough historical information so that it stopped short of being totally ludicrous.  Once you got past the vampire backstory where Abraham Lincoln was avenging his mother's death not from the alleged "milk sickness" but actually from a vampire's bite, the tale became quite the page turner.  Grahame-Smith has produced a  novel full of action, suspense and intrigue.    It even touched on the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke settlers who vanished without a trace.  In fact that story provides a bit of sympathy for one vampire in particular who saves Lincolns life and then helps him identify and destroy the bad vampires.  

The author Seth Grahame-Smith also penned Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I have not read.  Now if anyone ever read any of my earliest blogs you will find that I am really afraid of Zombies.  Especially flesh-eating Zombies.  I walked out of the movie Dawn of the Dead in the mid 70's and most recently after about 10 minutes I walked out of Zombieland.   I guess the reason I'm not as afraid of these vampires is that they attack very quickly and violently and just as quickly they are destroyed with one blow to the head by Abe's axe.  Whereas zombie's are just so slow and sneaky and dare I say it ----eat the living.  So Gross!!!!!!!!

 Abraham Lincoln book jacket

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