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I've discovered a new mystery author and series to read!  I was reading reviews of forthcoming books and very much liked what I read about The Magician's Accomplice by Michael Genelin.  I looked to see if we had the earlier books in the series.  We do, but they haven't been checked out and read very much.   So I decided to read the earlier books before deciding whether or not to get the new title.

I read both Siren of the Waters and Dark Dreams over the Memorial Day weekend; I did very little else.  The Magician's Accomplice is third in the series, scheduled for publication in July.  Jana Matinova is a very fine investigator committed to seeking justice.  Her personal life is complicated.  She works for the police force in Bratislava, capitol of the current Slovakia, growing up there during the time the Czechoslovakian Communists were in control.  I became interested enough in the setting to look up some of the history of Bratislava.  From 1918-1939, and again from 1945-1992, it was part of Czechoslovakia.  The Czechoslovakian Communists came to power in 1947.  From 1939-1945 Bratislava was an independent state under German direction.  The Slovak Republic, or Slovakia, became an independent state with Bratislava as its capitol in 1993.  This is a part of the world I heard very little about during the time period in which the novels are set, when I was also growing up.  Genelin provides a window into that world the makes it more comprehensible to me.  Jana travels to Venice, Nice, Strasbourg, and Kiev during her investigations - descriptions of the settings, the politics, and the people add tremendously to the very suspenseful and well-written story.  I loved these books.

Siren of the WatersDark DreamsMagician's Accomplice


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