The Last Lion of Baseball

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George M Steinbrenner  cover of Steinbrenner: the Last Lion of Baseball

7/4/1930 - 7/13/2010


I am not a fan of George Steinbrenner. So when someone recommended Bill Madden's new biography of the man, Steinbrenner: the last lion of baseball, I wasn't too interested. Still, sometimes you learn the most reading about folks you don't really understand, so I took the book home to give it a try.

Madden does a great job of depicting Steinbrenner in all his facets: the well-known verbally abusive "Boss", the less obvious philanthropist, and all the contradictory parts of his nature that fell between those poles. Madden's focus is on Steinbrenner's adult life, especially the Yankee-owning years.  I learned a lot about Steinbrenner, and more about the impact he has had on baseball, a game I love to watch and read about, but haven't lately had enough time to fully pay attention to.

While reading this book I know my family heard me say at least a half-dozen times, "I am SO GLAD I don't work for George Steinbrenner!"  I am still not a fan of the man, but I did learn enough to appreciate him more than I ever had before.

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