What if your whole world was 11 sq.ft?

by bookchick@evpl on Friday, October 8 2010, 11:35am. Viewed 1,043 times.

book coverI just finished this fascinating book called Room by Emma Donoghue. 

The story is told by Jack, a very bright five yr. old who knows nothing of Outside. There is Ma who has tried to shield Jack from all the ugliness in their lives. She's done so well that Jack is happily unaware of their predicament. The third main character is Room an 11 sq. ft. space that is all at once small and confining and big and wonderous. To Jack it is the world but to Ma it is a prison. Others come and go from their world but always, even in freedom, there is Room.

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on Tuesday, November 2 2010, 4:55pm

I liked this book...I have also read several Slammerkin and Life Mask by her...enjoyed both although very different from this one...

on Thursday, November 11 2010, 2:48pm

This is the first of her books that I have read but I liked her style so much that I have added her to my "hope to get around to it someday" reading file.

So many books so little time.